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Copacabana House Fire

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We are sure you are aware of the loss of a residential dwelling in Copacabana last week. Several residents are now writing to voice their concerns and seek reassurance that the anomaly that ensures that the volunteer RFS organisation is called in priority to the Kincumber Professional Fire Service (that has service personnel sitting in waiting) is to be addressed. The 10+ minute delay in calling the professional service (no disrespect to the RFS) may have cost a dwelling and led to damage of a second dwelling, it was only after a call went to 000 stating that a house was in danger that the Kincumber service was called. The Police and Ambulance from further afield stations arrived prior to the RFS fire fighters.

This may one day cost lives, we had a similar fire approximately 3 years ago where the Copacabana RFS had no volunteers available to a call out and the MacMasters Beach RFS arrived 35 minutes after a call out, thankfully some local residents and tradies were able to have the fire under control.

Copa residents should be afforded the same level of protection from the State Fire Service as any other citizen that is only 5 minutes away from a manned fire station.

Recommended course of action if you spot a house fire in Copacabana: Call 000 and specifically say: “House Fire” – if you just say “Fire”, the RFS will be called and Kincumber Fire Service will be told to stand down.

If you are concerned, please write to Lucy Wicks and Adam Crouch, addresses below:

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Welcome to the website for the Copacabana Business Chamber. The Chamber has a philosophy of assisting the community through strong business. In doing this we believe in working with, and assisting all levels of government to understand the needs of the Copacabana area.

The chamber has a vision for the Copacabana area which is based around strong links to business and the community.

Our website will highlight our work within the community. The website holds an event calendar and member business directory, and will be a portal for visitors and tourists to plan their visit to Copacabana, and provide them with local activities and businesses to visit whilst they’re here.

Our holistic view of Copacabana underscores our motto of advocacy and support.

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