The Copacabana Community site aims to be a family-friendly community inclusive website. Please respect our guidelines. They have been created with the aim of maximising everyone’s experience. If you feel you cannot respect the guidelines, our site may not be able to meet your needs.


– Keep your posts family-friendly.
Be civil. Respect others’ opinion (especially when they differ from yours!). No swearing.

– Report non-permissible content
In order to ensure use of the site is a pleasant experience we ask that members’ assist by reporting any posts that do not adhere to our guidelines. You can report posts by emailing copacabana.nsw@gmail.com.

– Stay on topic
Please keep the conversation relevant to the topic. ‘Bumping’ is not allowed (posting short or meaningless posts in order to bump a thread to the top of the forum). ‘Cross-posting’ is not allowed (posting the same content in multiple threads).

– Bear in mind that you are legally responsible for the content you post on this website.

– Respect privacy
Do not post anything of a private nature or you may be violating copyright laws. These include (among others): emails, personal messages, chat transcripts (ie. MSN), information from other websites, articles without permission to be reproduced


– Post anything that is illegal
Your content will be removed, you may be blocked from the site and/or reported to the authorities. This includes discussion of illegal activity such as downloading TV/music, fare evasion etc.

– Post anything that is defamatory
We have a legal obligation to remove any posts that may be defamatory. This basically means that if you say anything that might lower or damage an identifiable person’s reputation, it will be removed (regardless of whether or not it is true). Even if you do not name the individual other information may achieve the same result. Please be aware this includes small businesses.

– Post anything that is not yours.
If you are referencing a news story or article please only include a small quote and link to the source, due to copyright restrictions

– Attack people
Question people’s ideas not the person themselves. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Offensive comments regarding people’s gender, race or sexual orientation will not be tolerated. Please do not ‘shout’ (use all capitals).

– Advertise
Do not use the site for advertising or promotional purposes. Do not post spam. Do not use the site to buy, sell or trade.

– Post anything obscene, indecent or inappropriate

– Troll
Do not make intentionally inflammatory remarks to incite conflict, offense, controversy or annoyance. This is considered ‘trolling’ and will not be tolerated. If you suspect someone is trolling them, report them. And ignore them.

The Moderation of the Copacabana Community Site is carried out by volunteers. Please respect the valuable time they contribute to the site. If you have any queries about their actions please approach them in a respectful manner. You can do this by emailing copacabana.nsw@gmail.com

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