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  • Seating: The sofa and plastic chairs have been removed by council. Council bench seating will be installed around the skatepark as soon as possible.
  • After hours use: Unfortunately some people are attending the site after hours which is damaging the credibility of the skate park. Please help to try and educate these “non skaters” who are ruining it for the majority.
  • Copacabana Skate Park Information update 10 March 2011

    1. Skate Park Status

    As the construction works specific to the skate park surface and surrounding landscape are complete access to the skate park is now available to the community during daylight hours only. Site fencing will be retained in some areas until other elements of the project are complete as detailed below.

    2. Security

    Council’s security contractor is undertaking regular patrols of the skate park area with particular emphasis during night time hours. Security will be moving on any persons within the area after dark in addition to those consuming alcohol or undertaking illegal activities at anytime of the day or night.

    Please find here full correspondence from Gosford Council regarding Copacabana Skate Park.

    For more information, please contact Gosford City Council.

    In the News…

    Express Advocate – “Midnight skate-boarders upset Copacabana residents”

    NBN TV – “Skate Park hits chord with Copa locals”

    Express Advocate – ” Joy and distress as council approves Copacabana skate park”

    Tuesday, 13 July 2010
    Directorate: City Services
    Business Unit: Open Space and Leisure Services

    MOVED (Doyle/Burke) that the recommendation of Director – City Services be adopted subject to the addition of Parts B and C as follows:

    B In preparing the design for the skate park on this site due consideration be given to the incorporation of the following features in association with the facility.

  • A guard rail be installed along the Copacabana Drive and Pampas Avenue frontages of the site, with the existing concrete footpath widened as necessary.
  • A pedestrian refuge/crossing be provided in Pampas Avenue for suitable access to the skate park.
  • A pedestrian fence be installed at the rear of the footpath from Copacabana Drive to the pedestrian refuge/crossing.
  • Landscaping to take into consideration mitigation of noise, visual screening to allow passive surveillance and restrict pedestrian passage towards the north east (Fire Brigade side) of the site.
  • No provision for flood lighting.
  • Control measures for night time parking in the adjacent car park to prevent headlights being used after dark to light the skate park.
  • All slides be galvanized to prevent corrosion.
    C The youth of the Copacabana area be invited to have input into the design of the skate park.

    On being put to the meeting the MOTION WAS CARRIED.

    Potential Parks for a Skate Park within the Leichhardt LGA
    Tour Saturday 17th July @ 9:30am
    Leichhardt Council is engaging young people to assist in its investigation of potential park sites within the Leichhardt Local government Area where a potential Regional Skate Park could be constructed. Council has already committed $200,000 towards this project as a first step and confirmed potential park sites for investigation.

    See article in Sunday Telegraph, 11th July 2010.

    For more information, click here

    Montana Skatepark Association Video
    Interesting video about the impact of a skatepark on a small, rural community in the US. Click here to view.

    Skatepark Information
    City of Gosnells, WA – Skatepark Strategy:

    “The City, in partnership with other government and non government stakeholders provide a number programmes at our wheeled sports facilities. These programmes intend to achieve the following objectives:

    • Creating a local meeting place for young people in the community
    • Involving young people in positive activities
    • Encouraging the development of new skills and abilities
    • Promoting healthy lifestyles and the benefits of physical activity
    • Facilitating a sense of belonging and positive interaction within the entire community.
    • Local youth to develop skate park etiquette, and instil a sense of pride, ownership and respect for all park users.
    • Create a Skate Park Users Group, to participate in consultation, facility management, events and general issues associated with the skate park.

    The proposed outcomes from the above objectives include:
    • An early intervention programme to encourage youth development and participation in activities organised at the wheeled sports facilities.
    • The formation of a wheeled sports facilities user group, to participate in consultation, facility management, events and general issues associated with the facility.
    • A catalyst for young people to participate in community development activities.
    • Development of working partnerships and regular communication between local businesses, residents, government and non-government groups and the City of Gosnells.
    • Structured activities which create a fun and safe environment for families, youth and the general community.”

    For full report, click here

    Skate park sites
    Gosford councillors are to inspect three preferred sites for a skate park in the Copacabana area. The inspections follow and extensive community consultation process with the preferred sites being at Pampas Ave, Pueblo St and Del Monte Place. Community members will be given the opportunity to express their views on site. The project has been funded through the Federal Government’s regional and local community infrastructure program with an additional $38,000 allocation from the council’s East Brisbane Waters planning precinct funding.
    Source: Express Advocate, Friday June 25, 2010, p. 3

    For Council’s review of the 3 sites, click here

    Gosford Council Meeting – skatepark proposal

    There will be a final public meeting at Gosford Council Chambers Tuesday 13th July, starting at 6.45pm. One of the items on the agenda will be to discuss the proposed skatepark for Copacabana. Gosford Councillors will also be performing a site visit of the 3 proposed sites in Copacabana on Tuesday 13th July.

    Gosford Council’s written report on the skatepark proposal (CET.30) includes the following information:

  • 32 of 37 respondents to the community consultation survey (9 Feb 2010) support construction of a skatepark
  • 31 of 37 respondents to the community consultation survey (9 Feb 2010) support the proposed location
  • 1 petition received by council opposed to a skatepark: 26 signatures
  • 1 petition received by council in favour of the proposed skatepark: 181 signatures
  • 28 letters received in against the proposal (the same signatures as in the petition)
  • 2 letters received in favour of the development
  • 3 proposed locations are under consideration: 1) Pampas Ave, 2) Susan Fahey Park, 3) Surf Club Green
  • Council Recommendation: “A skatepark be constructed in Pampas Avenue behind the public car park and opposite Shaun Brinklow Reserve” (CET.30, p.82)

    For the full report, click here

    Comment from Gosford Council:

    “General concerns of some community members are in regards to noise, graffiti and the anti-social behaviour that could be associated with the skate park. As discussed at the consultation Council is currently investigating education strategies to put in place as well as signage erected in order to limit these issues for local residence at other Council skate parks. These strategies would be put in place if the Copacabana Skate Park was developed.”

    For the full response from Gosford Council, click here

    Proposed Skate Park

    Statement of Support: The Copacabana Community Association (CCA), Copacabana SLSC, Copacabana P & C, Copacabana Neighbourhood Watch and Copacabana local businesses support more capital spending on infrastructure across our suburb, and this includes youth initiatives such as a skate park.
    For more information, click here

    Update from Gosford Council: “Council has received a number of letters since the consultation from other community members that are strongly opposed to the project. As such Council will undertake further investigation to gauge the feasibility of the skate park based on the level of support for those against and for the project.”
    For more information, click here

    Community Consultation
    Tuesday 9th February, 7pm-8.30pm, Copacabana SLSC
    The Community Consultation to discuss the proposed skate park was well attended and generated some lively debate. On a show of hands, a strong majority of community attendees indicated support for the proposal. Attendees completed a survey form, which Gosford Council will use to measure the level of community support for a skatepark to be located at the back of the car park near the RFS building.

    Further information:

    Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) – CPTED is underpinned by the premise that proper design and effective use of the built environment can reduce the incidence and fear of crime. To see how these principles can apply to skate park planning, click here.

    If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Emma Jepson with details, or Karen Tucker on 4325 8426 or