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  • Firstly, try to photograph it and then report to Police for match with Police “Graffiti” data for identification and investigation,.( Tel. 4323 5599 )
  • Contact Gosford Council ( Tel. 4325 8222 ) for help in “Clean Off ” if Council property is involved, they also ” clean off” on private property within their ” clean off ” regulations.
  • “Graffiti” on Electricity Sub Stations,road side boxes,power poles can be reported to ( Tel. 131 535 (press 6) for “clean off”
  • “Graffiti” on Telstra Road Side Boxes can be reported to Telstra for “clean off” (Tel. 13 22 00 )
  • Ausgrid have also provided the following information regarding graffiti vandalism of Ausgrid property:

    To report graffiti vandalism on Ausgrid property, please call us on 13 15 35 between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday or 8am and 12pm Saturday.
    Alternatively, click on the link to the General Enquiries page to report graffiti to Ausgrid.

    To help Ausgrid respond to your report promptly, please provide the following information:

  • Street address (including nearest cross street)
  • Type of vandalism
  • Whether the nature of the graffiti is offensive
  • If possible, the asset number or type of electrical equipment.
    Telephone Bank Refund Scam : Telepnone callers claim endordement from NSW FAIR TRADING DEPT. and offer to re-emberse overcharged bank fees. They claim to be “reclaim experts” working with Fair Trading Dept.NSW and ask for bank account details. Any person who gets such a phone call is advised to hang up and under NO circumstances provide or confirm any bank details or make any payments . All incidents like this to be immediately reported to Police Assistance Line 131 444

    BREAK ENTER AND STEAL IN COPACABANA BUSINESS CENTER There has been a spate of Break & Enter and Steal from Copacabana Shops in recent months. The latest on 16th May 2011.Much damage done and stock stolen. Copacabana Neighbourhood Watch is still negotiating with other Community Groups and Authorities to acquire a Grant for CCTV at Copacabana Shopping Center, even after the first request about 2 years ago was officially denied recently. One would think it would be considered a priority issue as Copacabana Shop premises have continualy been vandalised by “Graffiti”, glass windows etched with “Graffiti”, break ins, trashing the premises , and stealing stock. This has caused much stress and financial loss to shopkeepers. In the interim perhaps a good idea to check security on premises and upgrade where necessary.

    Copa Crime Statistics

    Whether your’e coming to the site to find out about safety tips when walking home, driving or to place a Party Notification on line “mynite” allows the user to access the information with the click of a button. The Youth and Community Website is The NSW Police Force decided to upgrade the ” Safe Party Pack”. People want to know more about their Safety, their Rights and Responsibilities, and that they would more readily notify Police and Neighbours about their Parties if they had a simple and clear communication method.

    This communication strategy has proved to be a great success with well over 200 Party Notifications accross the State on a monthly basis and over 25,000 visits on the Site per year. Police will continue monitoring the Site, looking for ways to improve communication with the public and improve Safety for N.S.W.

    POLICE are not “ PARTY POOPERS “ but there to advise and respond if and when things get “OUT OF HAND “ ie Gatecrashers, drunkenness and violence take over.


    Be very AWARE at all times . Upgrade your HOME SECURITY . Keep DOORS and WINDOWS LOCKED . ALWAYS LOCK YOUR CAR before you leave it, even when it is in your DRIVEWAY . Keep any SHEDS on your property LOCKED.

    Spend time to engrave your goods for Identification – Photograph jewellery and special possessions . Record full details of goods ie. Description, Serial Number, Model Number etc.

    ALWAYS report immediately to POLICE >>> Emergency 000 Give any information you may have to the POLICE to help with investigation and an early arrest of Criminals.

    Short Term Holiday Letting (Party Houses)

    This practice of letting Private Homes for FUNCTIONS, HENS PARTIES, BUCKS NIGHTS, SCHOOLIES WEEK, 21ST AND 18 YEAR OLD PARTIES, AND PARTY HOUSES has caused untold problems for Copacabana Residents over several years to the extent that people have had their health badly effected and ultimately sold out their home and moved elsewhere to get some normal lifestyle. Would be good if this PARTY, FUNCTION LETTING was stopped as speaking from personal experience I can tell you the experience is like HELL on earth. Copacabana residents will not tolerate being innocent victims. This type of letting has a very detrimental impact on Copacabana and it’s lifestyle!


    B BURGLARS do NOT go on holidays !
    C CARING for children’s SAFETY . The “ KEEPING ME SAFE “ program is a child protection strategy that has been developed by NSW Police Force. It has been structured into the Primary Schools of NSW. This program is to protect children within their homes , to and from School , and when lost and frightened. Contact Police and School Principal for further information.
    D DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and violence generally — Report immediately to Police and also get Professional help. Violence does NOT have to be tolerated.
    E EMERGENCY situations be treated urgently by ringing 000 ( Triple 0 ) ask for FIRE, AMBULENCE, POLICE
    F FINES can be very substantial —- always AVOID them !
    G GRAFITTI is a major problem in Communities, photograph it and ring Police and Council immediately for further information.
    H HOAX phone calls, suspicious Mail Circulations, Door to Door visits, Digital or Cyber communication. NEVER give personal information. Always check authenticity first.
    I INTERNET and Credit Card Security . Be aware of IDENTITY fraud , Chat Rooms etc. Use Security Blocks on your Home Computer where necessary.
    J JUDGE and JURY who work in the Courts with sentencing criminals.
    K KNOW the LAW and respect it.
    L LOCK your car carefully before leaving it.
    M MARK your Electrical goods and list Model and Serial Numbers , Photograph your Jewellery in case of robbery.
    N NOISE RESTRICTIONS ARE IN FORCE — for Parties, Machinery, noisy domestic equipment, noisy alarms, noisy vehicles, noise from pubs and clubs and barking dogs. Details in booklet published by Government Department of Environmental and Climate Change NSW and titled “ Dealing with Neighbourhood Noise” available at local Councils.
    O ORGANISE cancellation of Newspapers and other deliveries, Stop Mail at the Post Office. Be sure that your home is safely locked before leaving on holiday. Advise a trusted neighbour of your holiday contact in case of emergency.
    P POLICE are on duty 24/7 ( 24hrs a day – 7 days a week ) to protect and assist the Public. ALWAYS REPORT CRIME IMMEDIATELY
    Q QUESTION any Scheme that seems too good to be true, as it probably is !!!
    R ROAD SAFETY Consumption of Alcohol beyond legal limits. Speeding. Fatigue. Not using seat belts. Aggressive behaviour, are the most causes of ACCIDENTS, INJURY, and DEATHS on the roads.
    S SECURITY AT HOME Keep doors locked, use window locks . Keep shrubs well trimmed down. Keep shed and garage doors locked .
    Ladies, always carry your handbag close to your body and don’t leave it in a shopping trolley. Have your Mobile phone ready for an emergency. Gentlemen, keep your wallet in a side pocket instead of your back pocket for safety.
    T TAKING ILLICIT DRUGS IS CRIMINAL AND DEADLY. Don’t play Russian Roulette with your life for your own sake and that of your family and friends.
    U UNDERAGE DRINKING — A serious problem in Communities, needs full co-operation from Parents, Guardians, Family members, Police, and many other Authorities including Government, Legal, Educational, Advertising, Sale Venues, and personal responsibility.
    V VICTIMS OF CRIME are completely supported by POLICE and other appropriate Professional Groups.
    X XMAS, NEW YEAR, and other PARTIES can be quickly turned into a NIGHTMARE when they get out of hand. Advise POLICE of your intended Party and pick up a “ Safe Party Pack “ booklet which is very informative or go to the Safe Party Strategy Link at Or
    Z “ ZERO TOLERENCE “ has proved to be a successful method of Crime Prevention.

    Download this A-Z in printer-friendly format here

    GRAFFITI >>>

    Gosford Council “ CLEAN UP GRAFFITI “ Programme

    Copacabana has experienced considerable trauma with this senseless criminal activity, defacing property, both Private and Council. Correct procedure to follow if you experience this, is to first take photos of the Graffiti, then report to Police and Council immediately. Gosford Police have a Graffiti Data Base to check and identify “ TAGS “ . Contact Gosford Council on 43258462.

    DATA DOT DNA >>>

    This is a Police programme for Bicycle security.

    Register your Bicycle now so “ WHAT’S YOURS STAYS YOURS “ For more information go to

    Other Issues:

    1. Dogs

    Current regulations and Fines for NON Compliance

    1. Dogs have to be Safely Contained on owner’s property.
    2 Dogs must be on a chain or lead and in the effective control of a competent person when in Public Places

    FINES Failure to prevent Dogs from escaping $220. Not on chain or lead in Publiuc Place $220 Dogs in a prohibited Place $330

    More information contact Gosford Council.

    Gosford Council has a new brochure “Information for Dog Owners in NSW” available. Contact Council or visit

    It has been reported that some dog owners are either not aware of their legal responsibilities or choose to ignore them. There are signs in Copacabana indicating where dogs are not permitted, in particular, on the beach. There is an off leash dog permitted exercise area in Copacabana.

    This is clearly signposted and is down towards Cochrane Lagoon at an entry to the beach from Del Monte Place, just past the shops, and extends past the Lagoon on the McMasters side of the beach for a short distance. A map is available from the Gosford Council website and is also posted on the Copacabana Newsagents window. Dogs are required to be supervised even in the Off Leash Area.

    2. Closed Circuit monitoring of Foreshore
    In an attempt to dissuade any anti social activity and protect the local commercial precinct from negative customer influence, Neighbourhood Watch is planning to raise funds and seeking grants to install 2 x CCTV at each end of the commercial precinct (Del Monte Pl). We would be keen to hear community feedback on this proposal.

    About us:

    COPACABANA NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH is celabrating 30 years of Crime prevention with the assistance of the current Committee most of whom have been there for about 15 years and our 20 Street Co-Ordinators , many of whom also have been delivering our ” Bulletin” all over Copacabana for many years.

    We have full support from the Police and several Community based authorities. Congratulations to everyone for this achievement, particularly as Copacabana is just a small sea side village.

    Copacabana Neighbourhood Watch URGENTLY need more Volunteers to distribute our Bulletins – only 6 times a year – Volunteers are required to drop to Letter Boxes on a Set Route in Copacabana. Here’s an opportunity to Exercise by walking and supporting your Community.

    More information – contact Copacabana Neighbourhood Watch Area Co Ordinator C/O COPACABANA POST OFFICE NSW 2251 or call 4381 1913