Sile Molloy

Artists Bio

Síle is an Irish Artist living on the coast of Australia. She completed her studies in Classical Animation in Ireland & worked in the children’s animation industry over a number of years producing cartoons for BBC (UK) & Channel 9 (Australia). She then moved into the computer games industry and put her talent to use via electronic means rather than pen & paper. She has since returned to her favourite mediums – pencil & paints. She specialises in original canvases and detailed graphite drawings.

While not working in her studio in Copacabana, Síle teaches art part time at local centre’s. She teaches young children drawing skills and some older children how to use their artistic talent to produce projects with the vast array of software available.

Artist Statement

Síle has been producing & selling art for over 20 years and has a real interest in trying different mediums. She has a love of art, sculpture, handmade crafts, music and all things creative. Her first inspiration is the human face and its various expressions of emotions and untold stories.

‘I am happiest with a blank canvas, a freshly sharpened set of pencils and an inspirational idea trying to get out. I love the detail that one can get with pencil work but am also enjoying exploring the use of paint in my work. The possibilities are endless………don’t think I will ever stop creating.’

Síle has found many outlets for her creativity including running a thriving business selling hand painted ceramics & glass. She has experimented and been successful with sculpture, mosaic work, pottery, knitted garments, embroidery, murals and hand painted furniture.

She is currently working on her new solo exhibition due for release end of 2012. Her studio is open to the public and she is currently concentrating on running the Arts Exhibition for the 5Lands Walk 2012 while also working on a number of commissions.

Contact Details

Studio Address: The Artists Lair, 19 Koorabel Ave, Copacabana, NSW 2251
Phone: 0416869800