R A Stanley

Photographer’s Bio

Having travelled extensively around our planet my interest in photography has come from an obvious source, recording the myriad of fascinating people and places I’ve visited. This has enabled me to share and enjoy those experiences with family and friends.

Originally from Nottingham, England I’m now based in Australia and my passion for photography has flourished. Focusing on landscapes has enabled me to capture the beauty that surrounds us which is often simply passed by. That is why it has become a part of my philosophy to open up these new worlds to others.

A crucial element to capturing the landscape in all its glory is the use of light. Shooting at sunrise and sunset is essential in capturing images seldom seen and rarely repeated. Working with different formats is inevitable when trying to capture these varying scenes at their best. That is why I employ both the panoramic and traditional aspect of photography.

Learning is an eternal mission and I’m always looking for ways to improve my photography. In the future I hope to be able to teach others the basics of photography and set them on course to understanding and enjoying the medium.

All of my photographs can be viewed and securely purchased online so please feel free to browse the site or visit my Central Coast gallery at East Gosford.
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Contact Details

Gallery: 4 Henry Parry Drive, East Gosford, Central Coast NSW
Phone: (02) 4324-1364
Website: http://www.rastanley.com.au