Fix our Roads, the Copa Message gets to Canberra

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As you may know there is a Petition being circulated around Copacabana residents to raise the concern over the state of the local roads. The campaign is being coordinated by Rod Robey and Ray Seisun, who along with our State and Federal Political representatives are collecting signatures. The goal is to get at least 1000 names in support. The aim of the campaign is to get a commitment, a schedule of works and immediate action from Gosford Council to upgrade the disgraceful condition of our local roads from third world standards to meet today’s Community expectations.

The progress to date is as follows:

• A resolution was formed by the Copacabana Community Association at the last April meeting, that a Sub Committee headed by Rod Robey and Ray Seisun would front the Roads capmpaign.

• Both our Federal and State parliamentary representatives Lucy Wicks and Adam Crouch provided their commitment to support our cause.

• A “Fix our Roads” petition was instigated and communicated to residents by way of a CCA Information Desk set up during May outside Copa shops with both Lucy, Adam, Rod and Ray in attendance, resulting in over 500 signatures.

• Our local Newsagent, General Store, Surf Club Kiosk and Terrigal Chiropractic Centre have displayed our petition and gained residents signatures.

• In her recent speech to the Federal Parliament, Lucy Wicks addressed the house on this important issue, specifically citing the work she is doing to assist Copacabana Community Association to improve our local roads. Lucy has included our campaign activities on her website.

• The CCA has included the Roads campaign on our Website where the community can support our petition by giving the thumbs up.

• Other media covering our campaign can be found on Facebook and “Get Up”, thanks to the continued good work carried out by our Webmaster Patrick Spedding.

• Residents are encouraged to email Councillors direct, expressing your concerns on the condition of our roads (refer attached for contacts)

This campaign is only beginning and the planned way aheads as follows:

• A report back to the CCA June meeting on the progress will be made by Ray Seisun of the “Fix our Roads” Campaign Sub-Committee, while Rod is absent overseas.

• Further community support continues to be gathered for the CCA petition via CCA street information desks, Newsagency and General store petitions, CCA Website, CCA Facebook, Lucy Wicks Facebook and Get Up.

• Meeting to be held in early July between CCA Sub-Committee, Lucy Wicks and Adam Crouch to initiate a meeting with Gosford Council, formulating an action plan to achieve our objectives.

• Our goal is to obtain supporting 1000 signatures, so please help.

Should you wish to make a personal request for action, then your Council Representatives email details are as follows:

Mayor Laurier McKinna:
Deputy Mayor Bob Ward:


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