5 Lands Walk

Copacabana Surf Club lawn, Saturday June 20th, 2015.

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Celebrating Winter Solstice and the land

Greetings. We come together to appreciate this land Copacabana.

From Tudibaring in the south we are stewards to some important wetlands. These wetlands protect our shores from wave action, reduce the impacts of floods, absorb pollutants and provide habitat for animals and plants.
Our ceremony thanks those who endeavor to care for our wetlands and we invite all people of this land, to learn about the important relationship wetlands have in the coming together of community. There is beauty here.

The performance is in honour of Gurya, the rain bow serpent, As we have seen this year, with the bush fires in the south, drought effects us all.
With out adequate water-holes, artesian basins, water sinks estuaries lakes, rivers and streams we die. This performance is in remembrance and acknowledgement of water.

There are 4 main movements in the dance.

  1. The wave….this is fluid, refreshing. Washing always supports new ideas, new growth and is revitalizing, the wave movement helps us here.
  2. Sowing the Seed. This movement reminds us of our past and our future. We honor the land and the soil. We cast out seeds of prosperity, and sow a prayer of grace, for its in the relationships under our feet, that the seed finally sprouts.
  3. Giving from the Heart. This movement is about giving and receiving, we give generously, unconditionally from the heart centre, we receive with divine appreciation and humility. We honour our sacred life, on this sacred land.
  4. The Serpent. This movement honours owe connection to all things. It’s the rainbow serpent who intertwines and weaves its watery magic. She is the spark of creation as she touches the seed that supports life.

The Adult Dancers represent Fire, they bring light and transformation. Like a exploding star there is chaos and wild abandon, then connection magically happens. When the adults connect with the children , a lyrical dance unfolds. This is play. This is life expressing joy and that joy creates more life.

As the dancers come together they form a circle around the (core), the didge players.
This circle represents unity and rebirth.

Now the smoking ceremony begins, after the smoking ceremony every one is invited to be smudged. This smudge is a symbolic ritual of renewal, of letting go past patterns and being blessed into and onto this magnificent land.